About the game

Breaking News... the elves have gone bad, again, and are trying to ruin Christmas by stealing all the presents. They've hot-wired the sleigh, which is flying around uncontrollably, spilling its contents all over the place.

Santa is running hither and thither trying to gather them back up again but, quite frankly, he's had his fill of the thieving blighters. Time to dust off ''Olde Persuader''!

He's not alone though. While trying furiously to bring the sleigh under control, Rudolph is also on hand to supply Santa with the a few more 'persuasive' tools. You know, like flame-throwers, grenade launchers... that type of thing!

  • Beautifully drawn, gory cartoon graphics
  • Fun, addictive gameplay
  • Online scoreboards using OpenFeint. Who is the best elf-bludgeoner?
  • Numerous awards to unlock and share on Facebook/Twitter
  • Christmas e-cards to send to friends (via email client)
  • Awesome, bespoke game music


Bring on the flamethrower, roasting elves is fun :) Nice little distraction for Christmas

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