About the game

Rally Run is a fast-paced, single-touch racing game you can play on the go, with engaging racing, nitro-boosting and drifting mechanics - you won't have raced like this before!

- COMPETE on over 100 tracks across several tiers of racing

- COLLECT cars with different abilities and skills to match the racing challenges ahead

- UPGRADE your cars to improve their performance and blow away the competition

Hone your racing skills, avoid obstacles, collect the right pickups and pull off precision drifts to reign supreme

Be ready, your Rally Run career is about to start!

  • Fast paced single-touch racing
  • Unique drifting & boosting mechanics
  • Collect common, rare and epic cars
  • Match cars from your deck to races


Love the drifting around the corners and trying to hit the right boosts to pick up speed. The car upgrades make it interesting, too. Definitely recommend.

Cwaf, iTunes